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if there were two of me, I'd disown myself.
Jou & Yuugi - I'd die for you.
.mou hitori no baka

This post is obviously the result of having had to come into the office to work at alter ego research over the weekend. For both days. So that I have now worked eight days in a row. This doesn't seem so bad, if you don't think about the fact that most of those days began at 8.30am and ended at 9.30pm.

Alter egos in law relate to the situation of when one person is doing something THROUGH Another Person (usually a body corporate), such that it looks like it's really One Person doing something really naughty when it's really Someone Else's fault entirely.

Complicated, isn't it? Imagine what it sounds like in legal terms. But it's quite fun when they argue on and on about whether somebody is somebody else's "controlling mind and spirit" and I sit there and giggle because it reminds me of YGO.

But really, it's all very simple when you relate it to the whole Mou Hitori no Boku concept. The heart of the cards matter is whether or not you can blame Yami for what he's making Yuugi do. And you can only do this if you can establish that Yami, at all times, had effective control, such that all acts of Yuugi are really Yami's acts. This really doesn't apply to the both of them, because Yuugi can say NO STOP THAT at any time, and does in fact do this. But it certainly does apply to Bakura's situation.

And then I read THIS Malaysian case:

"On the facts as established, I would accept the submission that Manufacturing and Marketing were fronts for Instantgreen and therefore their directors as well as the third respondent company Machineries, were all alter egoes of Instantgreen much as Clark Kent was to Superman."


And with that, ladies and gentlemen, I rest my case that members of the legal profession are really TOTALLY CRAZY.

Also, I have discovered that I and Puzzleshipping have a "You only tell me you love me when you're tired/annoyed/overworked/stressed/in a bad mood (although sometimes Puzzleshipping puts me in a bad mood, and then I have to go and do law research to get myself out of it, and also as penance for letting these things aggravate me)/subjected to CUTE OVERLOAD relationship. Have discovered, to my horror, that I am catastrophically weak to (a) canon evidence of Puzzleshipping (b) very cute art. Make that very cute art.

For little_ribbon, because I've been promising her Ancient Egypt manga installments:

So Atem is getting his ass seriously kicked by Bakura:



plus AWWW, after they kick Bakura's ass:

even Zorc sees it D:

so whisperinghope posted THIS and my life wasn't quite ever the same again:

So I was "THAT ONE IMAGE has done more to shove me towards Puzzleshipping than ANYTHING SO FAR" - because I read that scene in the manga before reading this, and she said, "I CAN READ YOUR MIND~~~~ \O/" AND THEN LINKED THIS:

(probably looked not unlike Atem here)

Also I have decided on my Puzzleshipping song, and it is L-O-V-E, because:

Love is all that I can give to you
Love is more than just a game for two
Two in love can make it
Take my heart

(oh God I love this comic SO MUCH)

and please don't break it
Love was made for me and you

Even though I object to Puzzleshipping, the way to my inner Puzzleshipper is clearly (a) a healthy dose of mocking humour, (b) canon screenshots.

Sight the King is a Puzzleshipping fic linked to me by whisperinghope which I found incredibly good and totally hilarious. ;) SEE WHY:

After a moment, the shadow of Yuugi rose from the ground and formed into the semi-transparent apparition of his other self.

“I don’t know, aibou,” he said, sighing through gossamer-transparent lips, “I’m not sure if Kaiba’s going to keep dating you if you allow your other self to mock him in the shadows of your heart.”

Yuugi heaved a theatrical sigh, pressing his hands to his chest. “ ‘Seto, my darling,’ ” he said, doing his very best not to break character, “ ‘that was the other me. You know I love you, and I’m sorry that you’ve lost three more employees to insanity...’ I think you’re right; it would never work out. Oh, other me!” he exclaimed with laughter, pitching his voice up to falsetto, “my love has deserted me for entirely reasonable... reasons! My life is over! Hand me the dagger given to me by my father, for I have invoked great shame upon my family! Woe!”

“Aibou,” the other Yuugi said, and Yuugi nearly spat and choked with laughter at the other Yuugi’s ridiculously exaggerated bass voice, “if Kaiba cannot see how truly pure and innocent you are—”

“As if!” Yuugi interjected playfully.

“And how beautiful is your soul, and your heart of light and candy and flowers—” Yuugi was stumbling and hacking on his laughter at the way that ridiculously deep voice said such stupid things, “—and how your eyes shimmer like stars trapped in gemstones—”

“Stop, you’re going to kill me!”

“—then he does not deserve your radiant love. Come!” The other Yuugi seized him around the waist and flung him over an arm, like ballroom dancers, so almost all of Yuugi’s weight was supported by a mostly invisible arm, “let us run away together!”

“Not again!” Yuugi groaned, placing the back of his wrist against his forehead in a gesture of theatric woe, but the other Yuugi was not yet done.

“But it will be full of romance!” he protested, still in that ridiculously bass voice, “and love! And occasional kittens! In love!”

“You know,” said Yuugi in his own, normal voice, “if anyone were watching, they’d think I was stark raving mad.” He paused. “And that my balance is amazing. ”

The other Yuugi smirked, letting Yuugi’s weight slip a little bit, but did not release him to fall. “Let’s get married and have a thousand babies. You get to carry them.”

“Wait, why am I the woman?” Yuugi protested, pulling himself back to standing. He tried huffing away from the other, but the mansion was still a good five minute long walk away. (And how had Kaiba disappeared so fast?)

“ ‘Oh, other me!’ ” The other Yuugi mimicked, his falsetto not nearly as high as Yuugi’s. He added, in his own baritone, “You started it.”


Considering how obsessed he is with gaming , noted the other, he’d probably enjoy playing with two Yuugis .

Gah! Bad images! Yuugi cried, his eyes in actual pain from squeezing them so tightly closed, his helmet pressed into Kaiba’s back. It’s a marine sandwich! Seahorse, trapped between twin starfish!

... I can't believe I just made a whole post of THIS. BEGONE EVIL Puzzleshipping alternate personality, AWAY! I'm going to go paddle up that old Egyptian river now.
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